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PAYMENT: For overnight tours, a deposit is required within 7 days of booking. Full payment for all overnight motor coach tours is due 30 days prior to departure.

DEPOSIT REQUIREMENTS: Motor Coach Tours priced up to $599 require a $100 Deposit per person. Motor Coach Tours priced between $599-$2000 require $200 Deposit per person. Motor Coach Tours priced over $2000 require a $400 Deposit per person Air and Cruise Deposits vary per tour.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Money Order & Personal Cheques made payable to Front Line Tours. Please note post- dated cheques are not accepted.

CANCELLATION POLICY AND INSURANCE FOR MOTOR COACH TOURS: Deposits are fully refundable until full payment is received, at which time the following applies. Front Line Tours may withhold a penalty fee if you cancel your reservation. The amount thereof is dependent upon the date that notification of cancellation is received by Front Line Tours in relation to the tour departure date. Front Line Tours Cancellation Coverage for Motor Coach Tours is as follows:

**********Multiday tours-New Policy for 2024***************

  • 100% Full Refund: from date of booking to 30 days prior to trip departure.
  • 50% of Tour Cost per Person from 29-15 days prior to departure in non-refundable
  • 14 Days or less prior to departure, 100% of total trip cost is non refundable.
  • Front Line Tours Cancellation Policy for Air, Cruises and land may vary per tour as well as any tours requiring full payment between 31-70 days prior to departure
  • Day tours-Full payments not required until the 6 weeks from tour and are fully refundable up to 4 weeks of departure. Within 30 days the tour, it becomes non-refundable unless we can fill your spot from a waiting list Or you find someone to replace your seat.

Front Line Tours Cancellation Policy for Air and Cruises vary per tour. Optional Cancellation Insurance covering you up to day of trip departure can be purchased from our office. Please inquire at time of booking for a quote. Policy must be purchased before final payment is made or there will be a penalty fee for tour cancellation as per above schedule.

HEALTH INSURANCE: Full Comprehensive Insurance (medical) can be included (at an extra cost) on all Front Line Tours packages. Please contact our office for details. Insurance is fully refundable if cancelled a minimum of three days before date of travel. *We strongly advise out of country medical & cancellation insurance be purchased.*A waiver will be mailed out to be signed if you purchase through another agency or have declined medical insurance..

DOCUMENTATION: It is the traveler’s responsibility to ensure that all Passport, Visa and any other requirements have been met prior to travel and that proper documentation is provided to the custom officials upon demand. Front Line Tours is not responsible for denied border entry because of missing or unacceptable documentation, or for any other reason you may be denied entry by border officials, and no refunds will be made. Entry to another country may be refused even if the required information and travel documents are complete.

Note: Government issued Id is required for all of our Canadian and USA tours.

TOUR CANCELLATION: Front Line Tours reserves the right to cancel any tour that does not meet the minimum amount of 30 persons. You will be informed 21 days prior to departure and a full refund will be returned to each individual.

PRICE INCREASES: Contract permits price increases under the following terms.

  • No price increases are permitted after the customer has paid in full.
  • If the total price of the travel services is increased and cumulative increase, except any increase in retail sales tax or federal goods and services tax, is more than 7 percent, the customer has the right to cancel the contract and obtain a full refund.




SCHEDULE CHANGES: Front Line Tours reserves the right to make any schedule change which may be necessary by local conditions or which may add to the comfort and welfare of the tour.

EXTRA COST: Extra cost may be incurred to the customer due to interruptions or delays due to weather or other circumstances beyond our control such as roads closed or inoperable. PLEASE NOTE: extra lodging & food cost are NOT PAID by Front Line Tours.

HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS: Hotels and rooms are selected because of their cleanliness, comfort and service. Prices quoted are per person based on double occupancy unless otherwise stated. Triple and Quad accommodation include a room with two beds only. Persons requiring special services should discuss their needs with Front Line Tours at time of booking so that the arrangements, if possible, may be made with the hotelier.

SPECIAL NEEDS PASSENGERS: Any person requiring special attention must be reported to us at time of booking. We will make reasonable attempts to accommodate the special need(s) of the individual, however Front Line Tours cannot be responsible in the event the requests are denied by tour suppliers, travel companies and vendors. We regret that we cannot provide individual assistance to a tour member for walking, dining, boarding and disembarking from the motor coach or other transportation vehicles.

MINORS: Individuals under the age of majority must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. PLEASE NOTE: The age of admittance to casinos vary by province and state.

BAGGAGE: Each person is allowed 1 suitcase to be handled throughout the tour and 1 handbag. Passengers are responsible for carrying hand luggage, overnight bags, cameras, coats etc. Front Line Tours cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage to passenger’s articles or baggage.

TIPS AND TAXES: All meals as a group, hotel gratuities, step-on-guide gratuities, service charges and applicable taxes are included in the package price unless otherwise stated. Gratuities for the motor coach driver and Escort Team and are NOT INCLUDED.

PUBLICATION ERRORS: Although great care is taken in the production of all flyers and advertisement, typographical, illustrative or pricing errors may occur. Front Line Tours reserves the right to correct any errors.


All Casino or Food Incentives are part of the tour package they are subject to change by Casino without notice. Front Line Tours acts only as an agent in making arrangements for hotel, transportation, restaurants or any other services and does not assume any liability for an injury, damage, death, loss, accident or delay to person or property due to an act of default of any hotel, carriers, restaurant, company or person rendering any of the service included in tour. Further, no responsibilities are accepted for any damage or delay due to sickness, pilferage, labour dispute, machinery breakdown, quarantine, acts of terrorism, war, government restraints, weather or other causes beyond their personal control. Please note that living standards and practices at the destination and the standards and conditions there with respect to the provision of utilities, services and accommodation may differ from those found in Canada.

Indemnity: By agreeing to these terms and booking a tour with Front Line Tours, you covenant and agree to hold harmless Front Line Tours and our Volunteer escorts, members and employees against and from any losses, damages, claims, expenses or liability, including the costs of defence thereof, for any claims or damages for injury to persons or property resulting from any of our Tours.



This year has seen many new changes take place in the travel industry, most notably the extra security checks when crossing into the USA. Many tour companies have seen a few clients turned away at airports and border crossings going into the USA. Out of date and improper identification or past criminal convictions on their records have caused them to be refused entry into the USA. The USA Security Customs Department will never discuss with us as a second party why they turn people away, so it becomes your responsibility to make sure you have the proper information with you.

No Tour Company can be held responsible for the USA security actions and if turned away you will lose all monies paid for your trip and will have to make your own arrangements to return home. If you have any concerns about your ability to gain entry into the USA, you may go to your nearest border crossing and ask the USA Customs to check your identification.

Special Notice Regarding Marijuana Legalization and International Travel- Motor Coach Canada

On October 17th, 2018 the Canadian federal government legalized cannabis in Canada. While employers
continue to ramp up drug and alcohol policies for managing personnel, there remains growing concern
from the group travel industry regarding the customer’s knowledge and awareness of cannabis
regulations, particularly when crossing the Canada-US border.
While cannabis will be legal in Canada, it remains an illegal substance at the federal level in the United
States. What this means to Canadians is that under no circumstances can an individual attempt to cross
the border with cannabis or cannabis containing products. Even if crossing from Canada into a US state
where cannabis is legal, or decriminalized, it is still illegal to cross the border with cannabis. In fact,
attempting to cross the border with cannabis can lead to lifetime ban from entering the US, along with
serious criminal penalties. Previous use of cannabis can also result in the same inadmissible designation.
This holds true even for those with prescription-use marijuana. Any involvement in the legal cannabis
industry in Canada, including being a “shareholder”, can also deem a person inadmissible for life. Once
deemed inadmissible, the only option to seek admissibility to the US, in the future, is to apply for
waivers which can be costly and time consuming.
Canada also will continue to prohibit the importation of cannabis, so those entering Canada, including
Canadian citizens with or without a prescription, are not legally able to bring cannabis with them and
attempting to do so may result in serious criminal penalties.
Failing to declare cannabis products when you enter Canada, or the US can result in enforcement action,
including arrest and prosecution.

1 https://globalnews.ca/news/4093248/why-telling-a-u-s-border-guard-youve-smoked-pot-could-be-dangerouseven-once-its-legalized/

Starting with a clean coach

Coach company and driver follow a strict detailed cleaning checklist at the start and finish of each day.

  • High touch areas (eg. handrails, washroom, back of seats etc.)
  • We will have hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes available on board all coaches
  • Air purifier systems/filtration systems
  • Cabin air replaced with fresh air approximately every 5-7 minutes

Our Front Line Protection Procedure

  • We encourage the use of face not required
  • Use of Washroom facility should only be used for urgent matters. Hand Sanitizer to be used upon entry and exciting. Disinfecting wipes will be available inside
  • We recommend that you bring your own hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and other PPE you feel you require
  • Seats will be assigned, and passengers will not be permitted to change seats mid-trip

What should you expect?

Arrive at scheduled pickup time 5-10 minutes early

  • Have suitcases ready with luggage tags attached
  • Drop off luggage at designated area –
  • Have signed waiver ready to give to escorts
  • know your assigned seats
  • Any garbage you create must be removed by YOU, please clean up after yourself. Do not leave it for the escorts!
  • Bring your own reusable water bottle. There will not be any water distributed on the coach at this time.

Thank you for travelling with Front Line Tours!

We are excited to make some memories with you.

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